Product Migration

With rapidly changing technology landscape, it is imperative for businesses to stay UpToDate in terms of digital products and with new developments, many times there are instances where the new product, even though may give the same results, has certain enhancements which might have a learning curve for the customers. MindWorx team is adept in assisting organizations to have a smoother migration journey.

We consider product migration a challenge because a business has to carry forward a legacy of its own to the new platform. Retention of the USP and inherent virtues of the old product during the process of migration is essential for the sustainability of the business, lest the product may become obsolete.

We at MindWorx are ever analysing the outputs of various product migration exercises. This exercise gives us the necessary insights into the change management strategies that are involved in the process.

Product Migration Services

Take your business operations to a new level with product migration

Product Migration is not just a migration from one technology to the other but an assimilation of value added features in the existing system incorporated with technology enablement.

We assist organizations in the process of product migration and data analysis to determine the best option among many. Understanding your business needs remains the prime focus followed by the feasibility of various technologies before moving ahead with the development phase.

Following are some of our product migration services

Legacy Application

  • Databases
  • Core business applications
  • ERP, SCM, CRM applications
  • Client server to cloud

Architectural Services

  • Technology audit
  • Architectural audit
  • OS migration
  • Platform change
  • Architectural redesign
  • Programming language change


  • Methodology
  • Coding standards
  • Best practicess
  • Manual to automated testing
  • Re-usable code
  • Re-usable functionality

Usability Engineering

  • UI/UX enhancement
  • UI redesign
  • UI branding
  • Resposive UI design

In the process of product migration, we make sure that you are migrating to a superior and long-lasting technology for a product that has a bright future ahead of it.

Product Migration Process

Reengineer your product to a better future

We follow the essence of brand identity and carry it forward to the next level. Instead of going for a sea of change, we do it as a gradual revamp of the services that our client is offering.

MindWorx follows a unique and state-of-the-art process for product migration

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Requirement Analysis

  • Discussions with Stakeholders
  • Analysing Pain Areas
  • Drafting Use-Cases

Technology Selection

  • Technology Evaluation process
  • Understanding Constraints vis-à-vis Business needs
  • Upgradation

Cost Evaluation

  • Cost Identification
  • Cost optimisation vis-à-vis technology


  • ‘Whys’ and ‘What-if’ Analysis of redevelopment
  • Implementing Use Cases
  • Understanding Market Dynamics
  • User Experience


  • Migration Documentation
  • Upgraded Project Documentation
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Key benefits

Enjoy better services with a refreshing change

Instead of focusing on the changes in the market, we put our efforts in developing a method where new age customers can understand your traditional offerings and see them in the light of the latest and industry best practices.

Product Migration upgrades your business and allows you to connect with a new target group while retaining the fruitful elements of business.